ZheJiang JiaLong Antisepsis Engineering Go.,Ltd.
ADD£ºEast of the city of Shaoxing (China) Cheng Erlou dye No. 025
TEL£º0575£­88650778 88643339
General Manager £ºWang JiaDe


¡¡¡¡Zhejiang Jialong Corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. is a market as the guide to human resources as the fundamental to the quality of survival, efficiency and development, scientific management and operation of the standardized modern enterprise. The company "standard management, continuous improvement, dedication to meet the demand" for the purpose, commitment to research and development of a variety of products, formed a production, supply, and marketing one-stop service system, products are sold throughout the country. In management, we developed a set of strict scientific management system and management standards, the company's work can follow the standardized and systematic health forward. The use of the talents, the company adhere to people-oriented, the only example, maximize the potential and creativity of each person, for the enterprises to continue to inject new blood and strength. In the grasp quality and customer service, we always insist "Quality is the fundamental, the user is God" principle, Bazhua product quality, production-class products, creating first-class effective service for users, as tireless in the pursuit of the company. On the occasion, invite all walks of life to my company just discuss business, we will be happy to provide our clients with quality products and good service, hand in hand with the new and old friends, and develop together.  
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